The brief

To create new look cereal packaging for Bodymatter’s organic granola oat crunch and update the company's logo.

Bodymatter identity
Bodymatter identity

The project

Even though we had worked with Bodymatter on their previous cereal packaging, we sat and discussed a little piece of the company’s history – to help remind us of what they do, what they’ve done and what they hope to achieve. Coupled with this was the sharing of inspiration and competitor’s products to help direct the new look and feel being sought.

The latest oat crunch granola box

There was plenty of back and forth to tease and tweak particular aspects and the desire to go all out with a new identity at this stage was reined in after much deliberation. We recognised the need to continue carefully building on the business’s existing successes rather than change things too quickly, which may have hurt brand perception and sales.

Both the refreshed identity and new cereal pack are a development of what went before. Gently refining aspects to bring out the essence of the brand and capturing it in both logo and product.