The brief

Create a new logo that will help launch the lottery funded Rose Hill regeneration project in Oxford.

Rose Hill Regeneration Project logo
Rose Hill logo


Working closely with the project's development office to understand their requirements, we spent a few days putting together ideas and then collated those that felt worthy of final selection into a presentation document.

Using the rose felt like the most relevant direction but it had to be illustrated in a way that felt contemporary and unexpected. The use of bright colours and less formal typefaces meant the logotype wouldn't feel too laboured or earnest. Regeneration is a positive term and communities deserve to aspire to greater things, so this modern direction should hopefully increase participation in the project's efforts – making it a badge worthy of ownership.

Rose Hill logo option 2
Rose Hill logo option 2
Rose Hill logo option 3
Rose Hill logo option 3

Variations of logotypes came to life during development, all using strong colours and allowing plenty of scope for repurposing easily across different media. Having this view about a logo's usage is important to making sure the identity will work wherever it gets used.

The two alternatives (above) are those that went head-to-head with the winning article (top) and while liked, didn't make the cut. However, the essence got across all the logotypes developed clearly came to the fore and the client was very pleased with the choices we presented.

Logo development pursued on screen after initial sketches

Finished article

The chosen direction (shown at the top of this article) is a clear marque for the regeneration project (and the Rose Hill community at large) to use.

The logotype can be repurposed using a suite of eight colours and the rose can be used individually as an avatar for various digital purposes. This adaptability will give it stand out and longevity.