The brief

Create a new, social network friendly identity, and an editable website for this established catering company.

Top Hat Catering
Top Hat Catering

The project

Developing a new look and feel for an established business is no easy task, but with regular communication alongside client and account manager, we were able to get to the heart of the business and begin to create a viable identity and website. With one proviso: don't use any top hats, as the 'hat' in Top Hat Catering refers to the owner's name, not the head gear.

Work on the identity was smooth, with good feedback from the client to enable us to reach a solution reasonably quickly. The identity chosen consists of two parts, one being more suited to the social network profiles and the other offering the company name in full. Both share the distinctive, smaller 'H'/'Hat' for consistency.

Work on the website begin concurrently with the logo development, but from more of a structural sense, rather than design and to help maximise the use of the time available. WordPress was the platform on which the site would be built and having set up the basics in a local test environment meant that once the logo was ready, design work of the front-end could begin.

Website on iPhone
Responsive THC website on the small screen of an iPhone

With the previous site as content guidance, along with help from the account manager to help parse client thoughts and expectations, we created a style guide for the new site that allowed us all to understand where the look and feel would go, rather than get too caught up over-thinking custom page layouts for every permutation of content.

With various frameworks to hand, we were able to build in responsiveness from the start and utilise a grid that would allow for plenty of flexibility in page layouts, made now and in the future. To allow for finer control of content and push the typical WordPress setup beyond its blog-only origins, we also implemented the Advanced Custom Fields plugin for WordPress. This would give the client and her colleagues much more control over the content and reduce the need to lean on technical support for updates.

During development, testing happened regularly and progress was shared with the account manager, who soon got to work on updating and creating new content to make sure the launch of the site was as good as it could be.

The new identity gives flexibility to the company depending on the channel they communicate through, and the new website works across multiple devices to offer clear and meaningful content to prospective customers while also allowing multiple users behind the scenes, the chance to edit content at anytime.


The Top Hat Catering identity and website has changed since this project completed.